Our Services

Information and Communication Technology

Expert Talent

In a period of 20 years, ORSB successfully managed to train and produce almost 50 skilled expertise in IT field which covered application development and network infrastructure area.

We have professionals who are highly trained and possess industry recognized accreditations. and certifications in both hardware and software to enhance the quality of service we received advice and training from the selected Technology Partners.

Currently more than 20 personnel with vast experience in technical aspect especially in IP network and services. Most of the services provided by us related to ICT security, routing, surveillance and server management.

We have the infrastructure, knowledge and expertise to deliver a dedicated Technical Support team which is committed to:

  • Implementing a service management framework based on best practice principles.
  • Provide consistent service standards for IT support.

We are also fully capable and highly experience in managing and deliver project with reliable skill set and certification in various product & technology.