About Us

Founded in 1993, Orogenic Resources (OROGENIC) is one of the leading Malaysian-based Bumiputera service providers for Data Management services, Core and Geological Analysis services. We had more than 27 years of track record servicing national and multinational companies, mostly in the oil and gas industry within Malaysia and South East Asia.

OROGENIC provides range of data management services including offsite storage and record management services for documents, tapes and geological samples, digitisation services in term of scanning, digitising, vectorising and transcribing the physical data into digital data, data reproduction, certified and secured data disposal, in-house collection and delivery services within three different data management facilities within Klang Valley, Malaysia.

For the Core and Geological Analysis services, OROGENIC able to provide total solution on handling, managing and preservation of our clients’ geological samples from onsite until it reached our OROGENIC Geological Facilities and Laboratories (OGFL) within Klang Valley, Malaysia. OROGENIC provides in-house solutions and expertise in routine core analysis services, and geological analysis services and working together and manage credible technical partners for special core analysis, and more advance geological analysis services mainly for oil and gas industry. Our technical expertise is actively collaborating with industry professionals and researchers from national and multinational corporations, universities and associations for continuous learning in the areas of Data Management and Geology disciplines, giving oral and posters presentation in local and international exhibitions, conferences and journals.