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Fluid Analysis

Crude Oil Assay

Crude oil assay for exploration and production is integral to establishing and understanding the composition of petroleum reserves and their viable commercial uses.

OROGENIC (Fluid Analysis lab) provides the molecular and chemical characterizations of crude oil. Our laboratory is staffed by dedicated and experienced personnel with latest instrumentation required for full crude oil assay assessments and detailed hydrocarbons analysis.

We undertake parameters like:

a. API Gravity, Density, Relative Density of crude oil
b. Sediment Content, Water Content
c. Crude Oil Assay
d. Chloride and Chlorides Content
e. Metals in Crude Oil analysis
f. Compositional Analysis Up to C44+ by Gas Chromatography
g. N-Paraffin Distribution Up to C100 by HTGC ASTM D7169 (modified)
h. Crude Oil & Product Basic Properties: Pour Point, Density, Acid/Base Number, Cloud Point, Flash Point, Viscosity, Asphaltene, Wax, Salt Content, Moisture, Ash, etc.
i. Saturated Aromatic Resin Asphaltene (SARA)