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Special Core Analysis

Special core analysis involves tests that are supplementary to the routine core analysis program. Special core analysis includes laboratory measurements such as capillary pressure that includes centrifuge, porous-plate and mercury injection. Can be used to estimate electrical and flow properties, improve petrophysical evaluation, measure critical gas saturation and irreducible water saturation, predict formation-plugging potential and evaluate fluid trapping tendency.

Next, relative permeability that are used for prediction of reservoir performance and determination of ultimate fluid recoveries. The relative permeability of a rock to each fluid phase can be measured by either steady-state or unsteady-state methods.

Other than that, wettability that defined as the tendency of one fluid to spread on or adhere to a solid surface in the presence of other immiscible fluids. It is a major factor controlling the location, flow and distribution of fluids in rocks.

Pore volume compressibility are used to compute pore-volume reduction during pressure depletion of a reservoir. Contribute a major role in the prediction of hydrocarbon recovery.

Special Core Analysis (SCAL) Measurement Capabilities

Relative Permeability – Static Core Holder at 10000 psi

Electrical Properties System – Static Core Holder at 10000 psi

Saturator for SCAL Plug Preparation