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Fluid Analysis

Production Chemistry

Production chemistry analysis ensures control over the performance of your oil and gas reservoirs. Our testing program allows you to understand and minimize the impact of scale, corrosion and acidization compatibility on the productivity of your reservoir.

OROGENIC (Fluid Analysis Laboratory) offers a full suite of testing for optimizing your well performance and minimizing the operating expenditure.

Our production chemistry testing includes the following areas:

a. Density
b. Viscosity
c. Crude salinity
d. Ion chromatography
e. Gas chromatography
f. Compositional Analysis Up to C44+ by Gas Chromatography ASTM D5307
g. N-Paraffin Distribution Up to C100 by HTGC ASTM D7169 (modified)
h. Crude Oil & Product Basic Properties: Pour Point, Density, Acid/Base Number, Cloud Point, Flash Point, Viscosity, Asphaltene, Wax, Salt Content, Moisture, Ash, etc.
i. Elemental Analysis by ICP-OES (Na, Ni, V, Pb, Fe, B, K, Ca, P, Sr, Mg, Al, etc)
j. Saturated Aromatic Resin Asphaltene (SARA)