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Data Management

E & P Physical Data Management

Aware on PETRONAS and government requirement to store and manage OIL & GAS data in own country, OROGENIC take a first step to comply with this regulation starting on 1993. From there, without looking back started with one facility with more less 2,000 sq.ft and now we have 4 facilities with more than 100,000 sq.ft to comply with market demand. Accredited with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000:2004 in order to provide services and operations meet the international standard.

Secure Information & Assets Management
Data management is what defines OROGENIC and governs its solutions. This in turn helps clients meet the global challenges, needs and demands for security, confidentiality, accessibility, compliance, resilience, business continuity, disaster recovery and preservation. Data management at OROGENIC today covers the full information life cycle.

Whether clients have active or inactive documents and feel the need for additional space, better security, confidentiality, accessibility, compliance with local and global regulations and long term preservation of documents, OROGENIC’s Document Storage, File Storage and Management Services will be the answer. This service supports companies in managing their documents and provides reliable and secure solutions to outsource the complex Records and Document Management cycle.

Strategic decisions should be made regarding where to store backup media; storage conditions, rotation schedules and how it is picked up and delivered. Such decisions are crucial in times of disasters or need. OROGENIC offers world class effective tape archival and storage facilities ensuring backup tapes’ security and accessibility. Whether clients have 4mm, 8mm, DLT, SDLT tapes, cassettes, open reel tapes or other, OROGENIC Media & Tape Storage, Rotation and Management service will ensure backup media or tapes are secure, well preserved and immediately available when needed.

As companies deploy new technologies into their organizations, they are faced with real problems of what to do with their outdated IT Assets. Be it data security, safety, confidentiality, compliance or environmental policies, it is no longer acceptable for companies to simply throw away old technologies. OROGENIC’s secure data destruction services provide comprehensive green solutions for data security and disposal of retired or outdated IT assets (such as servers, hard drives, PCs, laptops, DLTs, LTOs, CDs, DVDs, flash memory sticks, smart phones) in line with international and environmental security standards.

All document/ paper is recycled once shredded, where possible, according to our ISO 14001 accreditation. A Certificate of Destruction is issued once the shredding service is completed, to complete the audit trail. Confidential data is collected from your site by uniformed and security checked staff, using tracked and locked vehicles. Material is taken to one of our local secure destruction centres to be shredded.

OROGENIC complete logistics solution includes the provision of boxes, packing, indexing and transportation using our own vehicles and drivers. Unlike our competitors, we offer a standard same day service if your request is received before 10.00 am. All orders received before 10.00 am will be delivered the same afternoon. All requests made between 10.00 am and 3.30 pm will be processed for the following working day. Our express service guarantees your item/s will be delivered within the timescale set out in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), as agreed with your OROGENIC account manager. Our vehicles equipped with GPS system and panic button to prevent from hijack and theft.

a. 24/7 security, utilizing CCTV and on-premises guards
b. Comprehensive fire suppression systems
c. Customized shelving to allow for the storage of all size boxes
d. Comfortable, private access rooms for on-site viewing
e. Spacious staging areas
f. Environmental control room
g. Designated racking system