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Core Storage & Core Analysis

Routine Core Analysis

Routine core analysis is the most fundamental rock properties. It involves porosity (storage capacity for reservoir fluids), permeability (reservoir flow capacity), saturation (fluid type and content) and gross lithology. It begins with extraction (cleaning) of fluids contained in the pore space of rock using Dean Stark or Soxhlet Extraction.

Using Boyle’s Law helium-expansion method to measure pore volume or grain volume. For Bulk-volume measurements usually determined by fluid displacement (Archimedes principle) or by calipering plug samples. To explain the relationships among the variables involved in the flow of fluids through rock, Darcy’s Law is used for empirical expression.

Complete Suite of Routine Core Analysis Services

Porosity and Permeability Measurement – Ambient and Overburden

Fluid Saturation – Dean Stark (RCA)

Porosity Measurement – Porosimeter (RCA)

Soxhlet Cleaning – Hot and Cold Cleaning (RCA)

Permeability Measurement – Gasperm (RCA)

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