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Data Management

E & P Digital Data Management

OROGENIC is one of the leaders for Data conversion and remastering services for exploration and Production clients in Malaysia. OROGENIC has the largest capacity and capability of reading and recovering data from any magnetic media or disc used throughout the industries recording or seismic and well log data; from Original media tapes to new media technology. OROGENIC is one of the companies that can handle all type of media and data requirements no matter the recording technology.

OROGENIC has experience transcribing old media tapes; ½ Inch Magnetic tapes (21 track tapes) nearly 100,000 tapes, 9 track tapes about 300,000 tapes, nearly 50,000 of each 3480/3490/3490E, Exabytes tapes, 4 mm and 8mm, 200,000 of 3590 tapes and 30,000 for 3592 tapes throughout our 23 years in Data Management services in Malaysia and Overseas.

OROGENIC has extensive experience and success recovering from old media type. After extensive research into detecting and recovering damaged data, we developed custom equipment and techniques.

OROGENIC has the equipment to reduce on the stiction tapes; especially the round tapes like 9 track and 21 track.  It is the tapes cleaner and oven treatment, where this equipment is minimized the risk of those stiction tapes cannot be read and getting more parity. By having the additional equipment those sticky tapes can be treat before proceed the tape transcription process.

Throughout OROGENIC experience in handling the Tape Transcription and Remastering services, we had handle a few Format conversion as follows;

OROGENIC capable of performing data duplication hardware and software facilities, for bit to bit, direct copy, complete duplication, encapsulation, splitting and extraction from any media type.

OROGENIC offers high quality scanning to scan support data, technical reports, contracts and other hardcopy item and output either in PDF or TIFF images. We have facilities to scan paper section, sepia and films. On top of that, we also provide the indexing, hypertext link and bookmarking for the data scan to enable easy access to all documents via digital version.

In addition, OROGENIC have wide documents scanners which allow us to scan large seismic paper section, sepias and films which output as a TIFF image. We able to handle Large AO size until A5 size color and black and white.

OROGENIC has performs big volume of scanning project for various sizes for PETRONAS RESEARCH & SCIENTIFIC SERVICES SDN BHD (PRSS) since 1995 until 2001, PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS) and PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD in year 2001 until 2013; and Also for SARAWAK SHELL BERHAD from 2007 until 2011 for 1.2 million pages of various documents.

OROGENIC capable to performed well log digitizing services either from the Hardcopy section (paper, sepia or films) or Digital images well log.

Well Log Processing

  • Decoding
  • Verification
  • Editing
  • Cataloging


  • Log suite is spliced for a continuous set of traces from top to bottom
  • All tie points are interactively chosen for each curve
  • SP curves are normalized, neutron scales standardized


  • Normally to LIS or LAS format
  • Provide  a processing report & QC plot
  • Final output will be in CD, DVD or any media request by Client

OROGENIC has the capability to perform Seismic Vectorizing services. We reconstruct the SEGY information suitably for re-processing and loading to interpretation.

Seismic Tape Processing

  • Decoding, Verification and Editing
  • Cataloging


  • Apply some simple processing (FK filter)
  • Seismic header is edited and QC
  • Dept / Time and scale audited


  • Normally to SEGY format
  • Provide a processing report with full header information
  • QC Plot in PDF format
  • Final output will be in CD, DVD or Tape

Scope of Map Digitizing

  • Accurately converts paper, film or sepiasmap data to digital format
  • Raster file is used a backdrop in the vectorizing process
  • Integrate map layer that are available in digital with vectorized output

Digital Navigation Data from Paper Seismic Shotpoint Maps

  • Shotpoint location map scanning and vectorizing from hardcopy
  • Output is in industry standard UKOOA navigation files

Geo-Referencing and Map Merging

  • Vector and raster data can be geo-coded or geo-referenced to real world coordinates (e.g., UTM, Latitude/Longtitude)
  • Maps vectorized separately can be merged and output as single map


  • UKOOA, various GIS format and other format if required
  • PDF file QC plot (softcopy)
  • Final OUTPUT will be in CD, DVD and Tape

OROGENIC offers duplication of technical report or any seismic section upon request by client. It’s wider range of sizes from A5 until larges than A0, seismic section or well log section.

Our scope includes, to print in various sizes with a quality of paper or glossy paper.

OROGENIC also capability on other related services for Data Conversion and Remastering services as follows;

  1. Rode De-encapsulation
  2. Splitting of 3D in-lines
  3. Unknown / Non Standard / Proprietary data format